​​​​​​​​​CLIMIT SUMMIT 2015

10 years of CCS research – what's next?

The CLIMIT SUMMIT has become an established meeting place for the CCS community. In 2015, this event is scheduled for 24-25 February 2015 at the Soria Moria Hotel and Conference Centre in Oslo.

​Ten years have passed since CLIMIT started its work, and this is certainly a cause for celebration. While we will be taking a look at our past during this year's SUMMIT, the main focus will be on what MUST be done in the time ahead. As in previous years, this year's programme will feature international speakers and presentations from CLIMIT's project portfolio, and we have allocated plenty of time for networking – we can promise you an interesting and educational Summit.​

More than 200 participants are expected from research, industry and public institutions at this year's CLIMIT SUMMIT.
The registration for CLIMIT SUMMIT 2015 is now closed. If you are interested in attending CLIMIT SUMMIT 24-25 February 2015, please send an inquiry to Liv Lønne Dille: lld@gassnova.no.​


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