Presentations from CLIMIT Summit 2019

Most of the presentations from CLIMIT Summit plenary sessions are now available in pdf format.

​Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Kjell-Børge Freiberg

Sverre Chr. Jarild

"The Importance of CCS for The United States"- Angelos Kokkinos, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Clean Coal & Carbon Management, US Department of Energy

Kokkinos 2019 CLIMIT FINAL.pdf

"What has research contributed to CCS?"  - Nils A. Røkke, EVP Sustainability SINTEF and Chairman EERA

Nils A. Røkke, SINTEF.pdf

" The Importance of CCS Research" - John-Arne Røttingen, Chief Executive, The Research Council of Norway 

John-Arne Røttingen, The Research Council of Norway.pdf

"How does CLIMIT contribute to the Norwegian full scale project?" - Trude Sundset, CEO Gassnova

No presentation

13:00 - 14:30 From CLIMIT to full scale CCS

"The Importance of CCS for Process Industry, Roadmap for Industry. Focus on CCS in Process Industry, Supporting Full Scale" - Jeanette Iren Moen, Norwegian Federation of Industries

" Total's Climate strategy, CCUS and 3D Project" - David Nevicato, Total CCUS Research Programme Manager

David Nevicato, Total.pdf

" Hydrogen decarbonization with CCS" - Hildegunn Blindheim, Climate Director Norwegian Oil and Gas

Hildegunn Blindheim, Norwegian Oil and Gas.pdf

"CO2 storage for Europe" - Sverre Overå, Northern Light Project Director, Equinor

Sverre Overå, Equinor.pdf


Jan Gabor; CO2 Hub Nordland Jan Gabor, CO2 Hub Nordland.pdf

Lars Petter Maltby; Eyde Cluster Lars Petter Maltby, Eyde Cluster.pdf

Mattias Bakcmark; Preem Mattias Backmark, Preem.pdf

Torleif Madsen; Fjell Technology Torleif Madsen, 3C.pdf

Torkild Reinertsen, REINERTSEN New Energy AS  Torkild Reinertsen, Reinertsen New Energy.pdf

Conversation on stage, Moen, Nevicato, Blindheim, Overå & Vinje

Day 2 - 27th of February

09:15 - 09:40 Financing

"Business Models for CCS, Climate Risk, Road Map for the Financial Industry"

Idar Kreutzer, CEO Finance Norway Idar Kreutzer, Finance Norway.pdf

Thina Saltvedt, Chief Analyst, Sustainable Finance, Nordea Thina Saltvedt, NORDEA.pdf

11:30 - 12:45 EU Session

• The EU Energy Plan (SET Plan) /EU Implementation Plan for CCUS: William Christensen, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy William Christensen, SET Plan.pdf

• Projects of Common Interest, Steve Murphy, Pale Blue Dot Ltd Steve Murphy, ACORN.pdf

• International cooperation through FME NCCS, Amy Brunsvold, SINTEF Energy Amy Brunsvold, NCCS.pdf

• ECCSEL - Joint European Research Infrastructure, Sverre Quale, NTNU Sverre Quale, ECCSEL.pdf

• The ACT project ALIGN - from research to full scale, Hans Aksel Haugen, SINTEF Hans Aksel Haugen, ALIGN CCUS.pdf

• ACT project ELEGANCY - Hydrogen and CCS, Svend T. Munkejord, SINTEF Svend Munkejord, ELEGANCY.pdf

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