New IEAGHG reports

  Åse Slagtern, Forskningsrådet
There are several new, interesting reports from IEAGHG, i.e. about CO2 Storage efficiency, Pubic perception of CO2 pipelines and a Monitoring Network meeting.

2018-02 CO2 Storage Efficiency in Deep Saline Formations - Stage 2

This report and the previous report (2014-09) look into the effects of increased pressure due to injection and impact on storage capacity in a formation. This report aims to improve storage capacity calculation and addresses storage areas over a shorter time and lower storage volume. The previous report was based on storage in very large formations of several hundred square kilometers without barriers.

2018-02 CO2 Storage Efficiency in Deep Saline Formations - Stage 2 LR.PDF

2017-TR9 Public Perception of CO2 Pipelines

Public perception of transport of CO2 in pipelines depends on the regions in the world and the amount of pipelines. This report points to previous experience and surveys on public perception of CO2 management in several regions of the world. Before new pipelines are planned and built, it is important to have an understanding of how the population perceives this.

2017-TR9 Public Perception of CO2 Pipelines.pdf

2017-10 Monitoring Network meeting

IEAGHG Monitoring Network Meeting was held in Michigan, USA in June 2017. Here's an extensive report from the meeting.

2017-10 12th IEAGHG Monitoring Network Meeting.pdf


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