More R&D projects continue as demo projects

The new annual report from CLIMIT contains a broad review of some of the many exciting and relevant CCS projects that receive support from the CLIMIT research program under the direction of Gassnova and the Norwegian Research Council.

There was great deal of interest in applying for funding from CLIMIT in 2017, and at the end of the year a total of 64 new projects had received NOK 221 million in support. A promising development is that more and more research projects continue as demonstration projects.

The program plan for 2017-2022 marked a new phase for CLIMIT, as the realization of a complete value chain for full-scale capture, transport and storage of CO2 moves closer. New research and technology development will still be done, but the practical application of the knowledge will be more central in the further work.

One year into the new program period, increasing interest from industry is perhaps the most striking element.

The Paris agreement emphasizes that the green shift requires the use of CCS, not least because emissions from industry, for example, can not be handled in any other way. Therefore, there are more and more enterprises, both in Norway and abroad, who are now looking at how they can utilize the planned infrastructure in the full-scale project and make use of the capture technology. The interest in and the requirements for the different capture methods will be more specific. A solution that functions in a platform or in a power plant is not necessarily suitable in the process industry.
Different emission sources require different capture technologies and adaptations. The challenges create exciting encounters between industry and research communities.

The CLIMIT annual report of 2017 presents the increasing international cooperation within CCS, the European research collaboration ACT, and a number of smaller and larger research projects in Norway help to further develop CCS as the most cost-effective climate measure.

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