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CLIMIT is Norway's public programme aimed at accelerating commercialisation of carbon capture and storage (CCS). Through this programme, applicants can apply for support for research, development and demonstration of CCS technologies.
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​The CLIMIT programme has developed a dedicated strategy and programme plan that forms the basis for applicants. We expect further technological advances through CLIMIT-financed projects in the years to come, and we welcome your application.

Programme plan

CLIMIT R&D documents

These documents are available at The Norwegian Research Council of Norway.

CLIMIT Demo documents

These documents are available only in Norwegian. Please contact the secretariat for further information.

Documents that are relevant for CLIMIT Demo applications:

Preconditions, framework conditions and regulations:

  • Regulations for CLIMIT Demo (.pdf)
  • ESA's regulations (English)
  • FAD's guide
  • Definition of SMBs (.pdf)

In connection with application: 

  • Guidelines for CLIMIT Demo project application (.pdf)
  • CLIMIT Demo project application form
  • Research Council of Norway's application portal

In connection with letter of allocation:

  • Letter of allocation for CLIMIT Demo project (.pdf)
  • Gassnova - General contract terms (.pdf)
  • Information about the CLIMIT programme (.pdf)


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