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CLIMIT-Demo has no application deadlines, and applications are processed continuously. The length of the processing time will depend on the scope of the application.
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Typical processing time is a two months after formal receipt of the application.


The application process

Applicants are encouraged to contact Gassnova for guidance before submitting applications. A contact person will be appointed for applicants. Applicants must use the CLIMIT-Demo project application form with guidelines. Please find links to the application form, guidelines and a spreadsheet for making budgets on the Norwegian web page for applications to Climit-demo.  Text entered in the application form must be in Norwegian, while attachments may be in English. Applicants are responsible for the security of confidential information sent by email to Gassnova will not send confidential information as email attachments and will therefore consult with applicants if necessary to find ways of exchanging confidential information.

The application process is illustrated below.




Both the programme board and the CLIMIT secretariat are subject to a duty of confidentiality pursuant to Section 13 of the Public Administration Act.

Formal rights and requirements

Formal errors in the decisions made by the programme board can be appealed to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Any appeals must be submitted in writing to Gassnova SF within three weeks after receiving the decision, cf. Section 29 (1) of the Public Administration Act. The professional discretion that forms a basis for the decisions cannot be appealed, cf. Section 30 (e) of the Public Administration Act.

The project execution phase

Gassnova requires on-demand access to information about the project's progress and reserves the right to a seat  in the project's steering committee.

Project conclusion

A final project report with documentation of results and agreed publication of the project results shall be forwarded to Gassnova.  Approval of the final documentation triggers balance of funding payment from Gassnova to the project.

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