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  Updated: 1 September 2016
The CLIMIT programme provides financial support for development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. The programme is a collaboration between Gassnova SF and the Research Council of Norway.
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Companies, research institutions, universities and university colleges can apply to the CLIMIT programme for project support for development of CCS technology. The applications must fall under the topics listed in CLIMIT's strategy and CLIMIT's work programme.

Applications can be submitted for several different types of projects:

  • Researcher projects (FP) are basic research which yields new knowledge that can be used in further developing products and services. Researcher projects often use doctorate-level expertise.
  • Expertise projects for business and industry (KPN) that contribute to commercial research, researcher training and long-term expertise development in Norwegian research communities. Such projects are based on identified needs for new knowledge on the part of Norwegian enterprises.
  • Innovation projects in business and industry (IPN) and Development projects targeting business and industry players, and including projects that generate knowledge and skills for development of new or improved products or services.
  • Pilot and demonstration projects which are the final step before commercialisation of new products and services, and can include building facilities to test new technology.
  • Other support can include preliminary projects, support for international collaboration, or participation in strategically important international forums.

The CLIMIT programme is a collaboration between Gassnova SF and the Research Council of Norway, The Research Council is responsible for R&D applications (including FP, KPN and IPN), while Gassnova is responsible for development, pilot and demonstration projects.

The Research Council's sphere of responsibility is often called CLIMIT R&D, while Gassnova's part is called CLIMIT Demo.

Applications for CLIMIT R&D may only be submitted via the Research Council of Norway's website in connection with announcements with set application deadlines. A list of active announcements and links to application forms can be found here.

CLIMIT Demo has continuous announcements and applications can be submitted through Gassnova.

Applications to CLIMIT R&D are processed according to the Research Council's standard routines. In most cases, this entails that international experts assess the scientific quality of the applications.

Applications to CLIMIT Demo are processed by dedicated experts in the secretariat (CLIMIT Demo part) according to regulations that apply for this support scheme, where the objective is to safeguard the applicant's desire for confidentiality concerning a technology.

The CLIMIT secretariat assists applicants in all stages of the application process.

The CLIMIT programme board makes the final decisions on award of funding to applications, based on the secretariat's recommendations. The programme board is appointed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, and meets five times a year.


ACT is a new initiative to facilitate RD&D and innovation within CO2 capture and storage (CCS).

Ten European partners are working together in ACT with the ambition to fund world class RD&D Innovation that can lead to safe and cost effective CCS technology. The ambition of ACT is to facilitate the emergence of CCS via transnational funding aimed at accelerating and maturing CCS technology through targeted innovation and research activities. ACT is a so-called ERA NET Cofund, which is a new tool established by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation. CLIMIT Demo and FoU is the Norwegian partner in ACT (

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