Impartiality and trust

the Research Council of Norway; Gassnova; trust; Impartiality  
The head of the programme board shall ensure that the applicable rules on impartiality and other relevant case processing routines are followed.
Imartiality and trust.
Photo: Styrk Fjærtoft Trondsen

The CLIMIT programme is a cooperation between Gassnova and the Research Council of Norway. CLIMIT comprises the Research Council of Norway's support scheme for research and development (R&D part), and Gassnova's support for development and demonstration (Demo part).

The programme board follows the Research Council of Norway's ethical guidelines for processing R&D applications and Gassnova's ethical guidelines when processing demo applications.

Members of the programme board and CLIMIT secretariat do not participate in the processing of cases where they are disqualified in accordance with applicable guidelines.

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