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The CLIMIT Programme is Norway's national programme for research, development and demonstration of CO2 capture and storage technology (CCS).
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Photo: Styrk Fjærtoft Trondsen

CLIMIT's objective:

CLIMIT's primary objective is to contribute to the development of technology and solutions for CCS by providing financial support to projects that will:

  • Develop knowledge, expertise, technology and solutions that can contribute towards cost reductions and international deployment of CCS. 
  • Leverage national advantages and develop new technology and service concepts with commercial and international potential.

The programme consists of two support schemes; CLIMIT R&D and CLIMIT-Demo, run by the Research Council of Norway and Gassnova respectively. Gassnova is responsible for the programme. More information is available on the organisation page.

The programme is directed towards companies, research institutes and academia.  Collaboration with international partners is encouraged.

CLIMIT aims for a balanced project portfolio and supports technology projects spanning from basic research to demonstration in the final stage before commercial launch.


The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy established CLIMIT in 2005 to support the development of CCS technology for gas power plants. The scheme was expanded in 2008 to include power generation based on all fossil fuels and in 2010 industrial emissions were included.

​CLIMIT wants to cooperate and coordinate its activities with other national initiatives, to the greatest extent possible:

CLIMIT coordinates its activities with the work that takes place in research centres for environmentally-friendly energy FME with activities relating to carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Insofar as possible, CLIMIT will use existing and planned new CCS infrastructure, such as ECCSEL, TCM or other infrastructure established through previous projects.

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