Here comes ACT!

ERA-Net Aage Stangeland
The European Commission recently decided to support the application for ERA-NET Cofund CCS. This means that the project, which has been named ACT, will have a budget of EUR 43 million.
Illustrasjon Bellona og Prosjektlab
Illustration: Bellona/Prosjektlab

​This represents a solid opportunity for accelerated technology development.

The CLIMIT programme has taken the initiative to establish an ERA NET Cofund within CCS. We have succeeded in establishing a solid consortium with ten partners from nine countries and the project has been titled ACT - Accelerating CCS technologies as a new low-carbon energy vector.

An application for additional financing was submitted to the European Commission on 5 May 2015, and the Commission recently decided to support ACT.

The countries participating in ACT are contributing EUR 29 million. The Commission has decided to provide EUR 12.9 million in support for ACT, making the total budget approx. EUR 43 million.

The following countries take part in ACT: Norway, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Romania, Spain and Greece.

Together with Germany, Norway has been in charge of the work on the application, and Ragnhild Rønneberg of the Research Council of Norway is the ACT coordinator.

The Norwegian ACT contribution of EUR 6 million comes from the CLIMIT programme.

Most of the funds will be used for a major joint announcement in the spring of 2016.

We will return with broad coverage of ACT in the next newsletter, including the opportunities that this represents.


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