CLIMIT summit 2013: An international conference

Nearly 200 participants showed up for the CLIMIT summit, which was held for the third time at the Soria Moria hotel and conference centre in Oslo.

Published: 28.02.2013

​Nearly 200 participants showed up for the CLIMIT summit, which was held for the third time at the Soria Moria hotel and conference centre in Oslo. Here researchers, industry representatives and the authorities met to share knowledge and experience. For the first time, the conference featured international speakers and participants from the USA, the UK, Sweden and Germany.

"Norway has a strong focus on CCS. Few countries spend as much on CCS as Norway," said secretary general Elisabeth Berge from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in her speech at the gathering.

You are the key

The CLIMIT programme provides support for research, development and demonstration of technology for capture, transport and storage of CO2. The programme covers the entire chain, from long-term expertise building basic research to projects that demonstrate CCS technologies.

With a brand-new work programme in his bag, head of the CLIMIT programme and Gassnovas VP Technology, Dr. Klaus Schöffel, welcomed the delegates with these words:

"CLIMIT is your toolbox. You all are the key."

In the time ahead, CLIMIT's new work programme will place greater demands on innovation as well as international cooperation. The objective is to contribute to lower costs and ensure that CCS is put in place internationally, faster than would otherwise have been possible.

Networking and new knowledge

On the conference's first day, participants could hear about CCS activities in the US and the UK. The energy company EoN and the technology supplier Alstom presented their perspectives on CO2 capture, and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate spoke about the storage potential on the Norwegian shelf. The results of the CLIMIT projects were presented in two parallel sessions. There was also a poster display featuring information on more than 60 CLIMIT supported projects. Both presentations and posters were of very high quality, and provided a deeper insight into this important field to the participants.

Focus on day two was on international cooperation and innovation. John Gale, head of IEAGHG, drew a portrait of the CCS issue in global terms. Important work is underway in many countries, and technology development is moving forward. The greatest progress has been achieved in countries where there is a commercial driver for CCS.

Niels Peter Christensen from Gassnova highlighted the obvious yet often disallowed fact that full-scale CCS projects need an approved storage site. He proposed that Europe should work to mature storage pilot projects, while waiting for the next round of NER 300 financing.

The COMPLETE storage project is an example of CO2 cooperation across borders. German Geoforschungszentrum and CLIMIT have signed a letter of intent aimed at increasing cooperation on CCS. CLIMIT has allocated 3.5 MNOK over five years to this German-Norwegian collaboration. The project will draw on experience from the storage projects on Svelvik and Svalbard. During the CLIMIT summit, a kick-off meeting was organised to see if additional players might be interested in cooperation.

"CCS veteran" Olav Kårstad from Statoil summarised the summit as follows:
"This year's CLIMIT summit had nearly double the number of participants as in 2011. The international segment was more prominent. This conference has inspired me!"


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