11 new CLIMIT projects

  Aage Stangeland
CLIMIT's programme board has granted support for 11 new projects aimed at developing next generation technology for CO2 capture, and providing new knowledge about CO2 storage.
CCS require great recources

​​Published: 6 December 2013

This autumn, the Research Council of Norway has processed an impressive 29 applications to the CLIMIT programme. These applications are largely characterised by extremely good quality, which confirms the existence of strong Norwegian research communities in the field of CCS.

The available budget for this autumn's announcements is NOK 68 million, while the funds applied for are three times as much, NOK 214 million. This unfortunately means that there are not enough funds to support all of the good applications.

CLIMIT's programme board processed the applications during the meeting on 4 December, and 11 applications were granted support.

These 11 applications represent a reinvigoration within research in next generation technology for CO2 capture. Simulators for CO2 transport will also be developed. Several of the projects will produce new knowledge within CO2 storage, and are expected to contribute to large-scale CO2 storage in the North Sea.

The new projects are briefly described below.​

Project no., project title and project managerSupport allocated (MNOK)Project content
233694 - Water-carbon dioxide emulsions for improved CO2 sequestration and enhanced oil recovery in depleted carbonate reservoirs (University of Bergen)3,29Map how surface-active substances in emulsions can provide an increased EOR effect while also securing long-term storage of CO2 .
233716 - Uncertainty reduction in monitoring methods for Improved accuracy of CO2 Quantity Estimates (SINTEF Petroleum research)6,4Further develop CSEM (electromagnetic measurement method) as technology for monitoring of CO2 storage sites.
233722 - Hydrogen Use in CO2 Capture Technologies (SINTEF Energi)9,5Establish new models for hydrogen combustion and thus lay the foundation for new and improved hydrogen turbines.
233736 - Protection of Caprock Integrity for Large-Scale CO2 Storage  (UNI Research)13,04By combining research within geomechanics, geochemistry and fluid mechanics, the project will provide new knowledge on caprocks in CO2 storage sites. This will provide increased expertise in how CO2 can be stored safely.
233776 - Evolutionary de novo design of absorbents with optimal CO2 capturing properties (NTNU)9,631Develop method for identifying improved adsorbents for CO2 capture.
233804 - Carbon Capture in Molten Salts (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)4,875Further develop a promising technology for CO2 capture in a molten salt reactor.
233818 - Shaping of advanced materials for CO2 capture processes (SINTEF)7,2Further develop CO2 capture methods based on pressure and temperature fluctuation. New materials must be synthesised and tested.
233893 - Ensuring well integrity during CO2 injection (SINTEF Petroleum Research)7,2The project will yield new knowledge on effects on CO2 wells in the event of major temperature fluctuations.
235128 - Treatment of water-CO2 mixtures including fluid flow and thermodynamic (Petrell)2,37Further developing simulator for CO2 transport. A new thermodynamic model will be integrated in the simulator.
235129 - Simulation of CO2 behaviour in flow and depressurization, additional funding (Petrell)1,89Further development of simulator for CO2 transport. A new model for phase transitions will be integrated in the simulator.
235132 - Production of power and valuable chemical feed stock with integrated CO2 capture (Prototech)3,0Develop technology which integrates power production, CO2 capture, reactor technologies and fuel cell 

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