The CLIMIT programme provides financial support for development of CCS technology.




CSLF awards CLIMIT supported Norcem projectøttet-prosjekt-får-internasjonal-anerkjennelseCSLF awards CLIMIT supported Norcem project2018-07-03T12:27:00ZThe Euro 10 million project that determined which technologies are best suited for cement plants, is now recognized by Carbon Sequestration Forum (CSLF).



Programme Steering Committee meetingProgramme Steering Committee meeting2018-10-16T22:00:00Z11
Programme Steering Committee meetingProgramme Steering Committee meeting2018-12-12T23:00:00Z12



More R&D projects continue as demo projects R&D projects continue as demo projects2018-05-31T09:11:33ZThe new annual report from CLIMIT contains a broad review of some of the many exciting and relevant CCS projects that receive support from the CLIMIT research program under the direction of Gassnova and the Norwegian Research Council.
Solid international collaboration international collaboration2018-04-24T08:51:40ZInternational collaboration is required in order to make the capture, transport and storage of CO2 an efficient climate measure. CLIMIT greatly contributes to this.
Preem assesses carbon capture from Lysekil refinery assesses carbon capture from Lysekil refinery2018-02-21T11:38:18ZPreem has started a CLIMIT supported carbon capture (CCS) pilot study on their refinery in Lysekil.
New IEAGHG reports IEAGHG reports2018-02-02T07:58:17ZThere are several new, interesting reports from IEAGHG, i.e. about CO2 Storage efficiency, Pubic perception of CO2 pipelines and a Monitoring Network meeting.
Pioneering work with Pd-alloy membrane materials work with Pd-alloy membrane materials2018-01-30T09:27:34Z​The pre-memCO2 project aimed to develop improved H2-selective Pd-alloy membrane materials for integration in pre-combustion decarbonisation process schemes.

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