The CLIMIT programme provides financial support for development of CCS technology.




Cutting costs with compact capture plants costs with compact capture plants2019-01-22T13:17:57ZIf carbon capture is to be implemented on a large scale, the solutions must be financially sustainable. A group of actors led by the Fjell Technology Group in Bergen has enhanced the efficiency of a well-proven method.



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CLIMIT Summit 2019 is fully booked Summit 2019 is fully booked2018-11-30T09:38:49ZThe CLIMIT Summit 2019, which will be organized in Oslo February 26-27, is now fully booked. See the complete programme below.
CLIMIT-Demo call for ISO expert applications call for ISO expert applications 2018-09-06T14:20:35ZThis is a call for funding of projects to participate as experts in the international standardization work for CCS (ISO-TC 265).
More R&D projects continue as demo projects R&D projects continue as demo projects2018-05-31T09:11:33ZThe new annual report from CLIMIT contains a broad review of some of the many exciting and relevant CCS projects that receive support from the CLIMIT research program under the direction of Gassnova and the Norwegian Research Council.
Solid international collaboration international collaboration2018-04-24T08:51:40ZInternational collaboration is required in order to make the capture, transport and storage of CO2 an efficient climate measure. CLIMIT greatly contributes to this.
Preem assesses carbon capture from Lysekil refinery assesses carbon capture from Lysekil refinery2018-02-21T11:38:18ZPreem has started a CLIMIT supported carbon capture (CCS) pilot study on their refinery in Lysekil.

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