The CLIMIT programme provides financial support for development of CCS technology.




Innovation in high-temperature CO2 capture; development of novel solid sorbents;-development-of-novel-solid-sorbents-.aspxInnovation in high-temperature CO2 capture; development of novel solid sorbents2015-02-10T12:53:30Z
Environmental Decision Support for Innovative EcoDesign for CCS Decision Support for Innovative EcoDesign for CCS2015-02-05T10:32:28Z



CLIMIT SUMMIT 2017, SUMMIT 20172017-03-06T23:00:00Z8



This week's most important CCS news's-most-important-CCS-news.aspxThis week's most important CCS news2015-10-08T12:30:43ZRead a summary of national and international news stories on CCS published during the past week.
Norwegian-US R&D collaboration on CO2 storage R&D collaboration on CO2 storage2015-10-01T07:54:11ZOne million tonnes of CO2 have been stored in the Decatur project in Illinois in the US. The Norwegian R&D community is strengthening its cooperation with Decatur to learn more from one of the world’s most interesting CO2 storage pilots.
Here comes ACT!!.aspxHere comes ACT!2015-10-01T07:49:16ZThe European Commission recently decided to support the application for ERA-NET Cofund CCS. This means that the project, which has been named ACT, will have a budget of EUR 43 million.
CLIMIT Demo is an accelerator for CCS Demo is an accelerator for CCS2015-09-25T16:46:54ZAn external evaluation shows that CLIMIT Demo contributes to development of new concepts and to improving processes and products that would otherwise never have been realised. The Demo part has reduced the costs and risks associated with CCS.
Impatient new board member new board member2015-09-25T16:41:04ZNewly elected member of CLIMIT’s programme board Marie Bysveen wants to get CCS started in Europe as well, not just North America. She believes CLIMIT can play an important global role in the development of CCS.

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